5 common myths about the GDPR

1. Now the UK is leaving the EU, the GDPR will not apply. 

False: the government has confirmed that the GDPR will be unaffected by Brexit

2. My company is owned by a non-EU country, therefore the GDPR will not apply to me.

False: it is irrelevant where the company is based. The important issue is where the individual resides

3. My company has fewer than 250 employees so the GDPR does not apply.

False: there are greater, express duties on larger companies, however in reality the GDPR is likely to apply to all business regardless of their size

4.  I do not need to worry about the GDPR since our company data is outsourced to a cloud service/IT company.

False: you are still responsible for ensuring that you, and any sub-contractors, comply with the GDPR and need to ensure you have appropriate contracts in place

5. The GDPR only applies to data about individual customers.

False: the regulations also apply to data you have about any individuals you deal with, including employees, interviewees and contacts at suppliers