We increasingly rely on experts to provide us with professional advice, but when the expert’s advice is wrong and their mistake proves costly, where do you turn?

Making a claim against a trusted advisor can prove difficult, particularly if the relationship has been long standing. However generally speaking the expert will have insurance in place to cover their errors and protect them financially.

Successfully bringing such claims can prove challenging, with defendant insurers often raising complex defence arguments. You need solicitors who have come across such arguments many times before to cut through such defences.

Our partners have many years of experience in dealing with claims against professionals such as solicitors, barristers, surveyors, architects and accountants.

Why choose Darwin Gray?

Our team offers:

  • a high-quality, professional and cost-effective service

  • practical and commercial solutions

  • transparency and fair pricing

  • a bilingual service

  • reliability and flexibility

  • alternative dispute resolution methods to avoid litigation (where appropriate)


Our experience:

Our expertise includes advising and dealing with disputes involving:


Accountants are instructed for both personal and business reasons. You rely on their advice being correct, and mistakes in the advice can prove costly.

We have represented individual and business clients in cases against accountants, such a case where advice given by the accountant has resulted in the client owing thousands of pounds to the Inland Revenue. 


Surveyors play a crucial role in property transactions such as valuing properties, assessing dilapidation claims or providing reports on condition of properties prior to a purchase. If they get such things wrong, it can have a devastating financial consequence. We can advise you on whether you have any prospect of recovering or mitigating those financial losses.


We have vast experience in advising in relation to claims against solicitors. One of our partners represented various Lloyd’s underwriters in pursuing claims valued at over £60m against more than 600 firms of solicitors. This litigation was described at the time as “probably the biggest claim there has been against the legal profession”. An out of court settlement was reached with the majority of the defendants following six intensive days of mediation.


Examples of cases we have handled:

Examples of claims handled include:

  • Claim against a solicitor for failing to serve a valid notice exercising a break in a commercial lease.

  • Claim against a solicitor for a failure to validly exercise a lease extension notice within the requisite time period.

  • Acting for a livestock farming partnership in a claim against their previous solicitors who failed to issue proceedings within limitation in respect of claims against two defendants where the value of the claim was put at circa £1m.

  • Various claims against surveyors for negligent property valuation reports and surveys.

  • Instructed by a “right to buy” company set up to purchase the freehold of an apartment block to investigate recovery of costs and losses resulting from negligence of the solicitors instructed to act.

  • Claim against a solicitor who failed to advise clients during house purchase about a restrictive covenant relating to development. 

  • Acted for a purchaser of property at auction where solicitor failed to identify that the plot being purchased did not match action particulars, and did not have the advertised planning permission.

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