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What is EPL insurance?

EPL insurance is 5 times more likely to be claimed by an employer than public liability or property insurance, and very often you are not afforded the choice of solicitor to defend your claim.

At Darwin Gray, we have established an exclusive arrangement with Allianz, one of the largest insurers in the world, to offer EPL insurance as part of a wider Directors & Officers’ (D&O) policy to our clients. This means you will be able to use Darwin Gray as your representatives in the event of an employment-related claim, rather than an unknown law firm selected by the insurer.

There are many benefits to having D&O cover, including the peace of mind it brings existing colleagues and prospective management team recruits that this extra protection is in place for them. The legal costs of fighting claims against an organisation, whether these be through the Employment Tribunal or any other courts, can be crippling. The policy provides protection from legal action taken against your company in relation to employment disputes such as alleged unfair dismissals, sex, gender or racial discrimination. The cover provided will pay for legal costs to defend such actions along with any awards or settlements*.

This unique package of D&O cover combined with EPL insurance is a more comprehensive and cost-effective policy than many market alternatives, and will protect your organisation and its directors against all of these scenarios and more*.

*Subject to the policy wording

What do I need to do?

You can opt for EPL insurance as an add-on to your Darwin Gray Employment and HR Retainer package or simply opt in for this cover as a standalone product.

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